Organized Basketball Society
formally Jr. NBA From 2002
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Fall Season 9/1 -11/14 
Draft: at Lakelands Park MS - 1200 Main Street Gaithersburg 

Division III [5/6 grade]           Tuesday 9/1                   6:00pm
Division II [7/8 grade]             Tuesday 9/1                   7:30pm
JV [9/10grade]                           Thursday 9/3                 6:00pm
Varsity [11/12 grade]               Thursday 9/3                  7:30pm 

 You must have a signed application and registration fee in order to enter the draft

Preliminary schedule: 
Practices - Practices only 9/1 - 9/27 or regular scheduled one hour weekdays from 9/1
Games - Weekdays and weekends from 9/28

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